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Is the Virtual Paralegal Business Right for You?

03 Jun 2020 1:31 PM | Cordina Charvis (Administrator)

There are several reasons why paralegals launched virtual paralegal businesses but regardless of the reason why you decide to start a business; you must first determine if you want to be an employee or an entrepreneur?

Determine your motivation for wanting to offer your services remotely as opposed to working in a law office? Do you want to operate your own business, or do you just want the flexibility of working from home?

If you are looking for flexibility and the chance to reduce your commuting hours; here are some steps you should take:

  • Discuss working from home with your current attorneys.
  • Start by asking your attorneys to let you work from home on a trial basis 1-2 day per week and if that works-out well for them, then you should consider increasing your days up to a full week. With the Coronavirus forcing courts, attorneys and law firms to work remotely this should not be a difficult transition.
  • If initially your attorneys do not respond to your request in a positive way; be prepared to offer them incentives. You must be persuasive in your argument that you can be more productive working from home than you are in the office.
  • For starters, your attorneys will be concerned about how you will handle confidentiality and conflicts of interest working from your home office. In such case, you may have to show them a picture of your work station at home. The way you organize your files in secured areas of your home and using password protected software.
  • Workers’ compensation will also be a part of the discussion and decision. You may have to sign agreements waiving your right to bring a suit against the law office and/or attorneys if you were injured while working from your home office.
  • Outline the benefits your current employer will receive if you work from home such as; a significant reduction in their over-head costs.
  • The more incentives you offer your attorneys; is the more likely they will at least consider allowing you to work as a part-time virtual paralegal.
  • However, be careful when discussing benefits such as: medical, dental and retirement. If you are not launching your business and only offering to work from home; you should not give up any of your core benefits.
  • If your current employer will not consider you working from home, you should consider working for a virtual law office. 
  • They already know and understand how to practice law virtually, so they will be more open to hiring virtual paralegals.

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