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Managing your Virtual Paralegal Assignments

03 Jun 2020 6:30 PM | Cordina Charvis (Administrator)

If your business delivers great services and starts to grow, you will certainly need some way of managing your projects. Your projects can fail if you do not create the foundation to support its success. All virtual paralegals must adhere to the following guidelines when managing their assignments.

  • Prioritize clients’ assignments based on deadlines and the size of your projects.
  • All work assignments must be completed within the time frame, preferable before the deadline or as promised to client.
  • If the virtual paralegal believes that they may not meet the client’s deadline, she should notify the client within a reasonable time frame to have the client approve an extension or make other arrangements.
  • Notify your clients whenever you are going to be unavailable.
  • Set up voicemail and email alerts whenever you are not available including instructions on who the client should contact during your absence and whether you will be checking voicemail or email.
  • Check all your clients against your conflict database for potential conflicts of interests.
  • Agree upon a final fee for completing the project.
  • Have your client sign the necessary agreements to protect you, your client and your business.
  • Discuss the assignment thoroughly with the client to make sure you are both clear on what is expected of you and the client for the project.
  • Agree on a realistic deadline for the project that works for both you and the client.
  • Deliver your assignment as promised and as expected.

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