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Legal Experts Marketing Tips

04 Jun 2020 10:06 AM | Cordina Charvis (Administrator)

Legal marketing experts believe that good business development starts with a marketing plan focused on activities you do well, targeted at the right attorneys and law firms carried out consistently.

With permission, we have republished a few legal marketing expert responses here in the form of tips you can use for your virtual paralegal business.

  • Asking other virtual paralegals what worked for them is a great place to start.
  • You should maximize your free marketing opportunities before spending a lot of money on marketing. For example, updating your LinkedIn pages and maximize all the ways it allows you to market your services.
  • Ask for a guest list before you attend legal events and identify individuals you’d like to meet.
  • At legal professional conferences and socials, ask organizers whether you can be a greeter. This gives you a great reason to introduce yourself to people.
  • If you have a practice-related blog, write posts with information that would be useful to the attorneys and law firms you would like to hire you.
  • Think hard about who your target market is, and where the decision-makers are in that market.
  • When you meet a potential client, focus on his or her immediate needs. It may have nothing to do with your current areas of practice. Maybe the attorney’s immediate need is to find an assistant who does not offer the services you provide. If you know someone and can connect them, there’s a better chance the attorney will think of you when services you offer are needed.
  • Organize an online monthly social with paralegals and legal assistants you use to work with, varying the practice areas so attendees have greater referral opportunities.
  • §  Develop a marketing plan around activities you enjoy. If you like to write, think about an online newsletter or blog. If you connect better with people one on one, consider volunteer/pro bono work with an activity that compliments your business.
  • Instead of handing out your business cards at social legal events, get attorneys’ cards, and email your contact information afterward. There’s a better chance they will remember you.
  • Install Google Analytics on your website. It details what search terms got people to your site and how long they stayed there. You can also use it to determine popular search terms and put the terms that relate to your practice on your website.
  • End a conversation with someone at a networking event after you finish a statement, rather than when they finish one, so they won’t think you’re cutting them off.
  • Never criticize an attorney or law firm by name. You never know when they might be able to hire you.
  • Market the work you’d like to be doing, not the work you have to do to pay the bills.
  • Apply for adjunct professor work. It adds to your expertise, and former students can be great referral sources.
  • Give people you meet a brief description of what you do, rather than stating your title.

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