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9 Ways to Stay Ahead of Other Virtual Paralegals in the Market

04 Jun 2020 10:21 AM | Cordina Charvis (Administrator)

Staying ahead of other virtual paralegals in the market is one of the challenges of this business. It means thinking outside the box and using the right tactics together in the right way to create something unique that covers all your bases. You must constantly out shine other virtual paralegals in the way you market your services and the level of work that you provide to your clients?

Here are 9 ways to stay ahead of other virtual paralegals in the market:

Practice Areas – if your services are from a specialized practice area; let your clients know you are aware that very few paralegals are available who offer your services and you are the best among the few.

Experience – highlight your years of experience working as a paralegal. Offer samples of your work when requested.

Confidentiality –every virtual paralegal business must have privacy and confidentiality policies and procedures as a standard part of business operation. Check the Virtual Paralegal Training Center™ - Forms’ Library for samples.

Reliability – saying you are reliable is not enough; you must go further and showcase an incident where you had to meet more than one deadlines and how you accomplished it.

Time – If time is an issue for your client, demonstrate to your client that you can get the job done on time; or even better, get it done before the expected deadline.

Money – If your clients challenge your fees do not immediately lower your fees, instead find other ways to work with the client such as offering discounts for a volume of work.

Technology – if you use updated technology and software, let your clients know. Always invest in the most updated technology for your practice areas.

Confidence – Be confident in your abilities; speak clearly and firmly but always be respectful.

Professionalism – Whether you accept the assignment or if the client does not hire you; in every negotiation, always maintain a high level of professionalism.

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